Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Compatible with Alexa

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  • At you can purchase Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Compatible with Alexa, Mopping System, Boost Intellect, Virtual Boundary Supported, 2000Pa Suction, Super-Thin, Upgraded Robotic Vacuums, Cleans Hard Floor to Carpet for only $299.99
  • The lowest price of Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Compatible with Alexa, Mopping System, Boost Intellect, Virtual Boundary Supported, 2000Pa Suction, Super-Thin, Upgraded Robotic Vacuums, Cleans Hard Floor to Carpet was obtained on July 29, 2021 3:49 am.
Last updated on July 29, 2021 3:49 am
Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Compatible with Alexa
Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Compatible with Alexa


  • Voice & App Controls: Use the Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant voice commands to conveniently start and stop cleaning. Use the smart App to control your R750 robot vacuum cleaner, monitor real-time cleaning/battery power/accessories status, customize cleaning modes/mopping levels/schedule cleaning, control cleaning direction, finds your robot effortlessly, and get access to our online support service whenever you need.
  • Boost-Intellect Technology: R750 robot vacuum cleaner supports boost-intellect technology, enables it automatically increase suction power within seconds when carpet is detected, moves effortlessly from hard-surface floor to carpet, once off the carpet, normal suction returns. Upgrade vacuums up to 2000pa Max pure power suction strength for an impressive clean.
  • Intelligent Mopping Cleaning System : R750 robot vacuum cleaner adopts latest mopping technology, equipped with an electronically controlled water pump, automated monitor and control the water level according to the dryness and humidity of the floor without spillage, you can get to enjoy a completely clean home from a intelligent mopping system.(a water tank and cleaning mop cloth included)

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Specification: Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Compatible with Alexa

Type Bagless
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Model R750

Coredy R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Compatible with Alexa Videos

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  1. Just Mike’s Opinion

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This is the second Coredy Robot Cleaner I’ve purchased. Also bought an R650. I was so impressed with the first one, that after reading about this newer model, I decided to try one of these for my other home with a few pets.First, I’m not a stranger to Robot Cleaners – been using several different models (bobSweep Pro and iRobot Roomba) for more than five years now.I ordered this product (R700) for our home with hardwood floors and several rugs [short shag, runners, inch high kitchen, and several oriental rugs]The R700 arrived the day after purchasing – via Amazon Prime. Package was well constructed. Main box was in Amazon shipping box. [Pics included with this review.]Unlike the other model (R650) this one (R700) has Wifi for Alexa control AND an Android app so that I can use my Galaxy Note8+ to control the robot.—-PROS:(1) Does great job on all hardwood floors and moves from hardwood to my oriental rugs easily. [Video included showing moving from/to rug/hardwood floor].(2) Moves right over the oriental 4 inch rug fringes without jamming or getting caught in the Robot Cleaner. MY OTHER Robot cleaners will pull the fringe into the beater bar and jam. This requires manually removing the fringe from the cleaner with out damaging the fringe.(3) Has TWO (2) side brushes (right and left) versus one side brush on my other cleaners [bobSweep Pro and iRobot Roomba].(4) Has more power than the other brands I own, runs longer when cleaning than my other models. Also, the power increases as it goes from hardwood to carpet – pulling more dust/dirt into the dust bin.(5) Has a smaller height footprint (approximately 2.6 inches) vs. my other cleaners (3.1 inches and 3.6 inches). The smaller height allows it to go under many pieces of furniture that the others cannot.(6) Easy open dust bin for quick emptying and cleaning. Also easy to remove/ return from/to unit. Bottom has a small wheel for easy gliding back in.(7) Seperate access to HEPA filter inside one side of the dust bin. Makes it easy to clean or replace.(8) Troubleshooting guide on bottom of dust bin for primary codes … no need to search out the User’s Manual to see.(9) Easy to install edge brushes that just snap on; rather than screw on brushes for my other cleaners.(10) Quiet, about same as my bObSweep (perhaps a bit quieter); much quieter than my iRobot.(11) Has WiFi built in and an Android app (Coredy Robot app) that lets you use your phone in lieu of remote to control the R700.(12) Both the Coredy Robot APP and Amazon Alexa APP connected to the Coredy Robot APP were both easy to setup. The Coredy Robot APP needs to be downloaded and setup first. Easy to do – download, run, set up a user account, create a family (smart life), add your new R700 device, the finally connect to wifi.CONS:(1) The dust bin is a bit smaller; but sufficient size for the job. Needs to be cleaned after every use.(2) The Coredy Robot App ONLY works with wifi 2.4 GHz wifi. If you have a newer 5 Ghz, the program will not work with it. For some, if you have a dual wifi, you may experience problems with the dual router. I’m using a dual router with no problems – but you may.(3) The Alexa App NEEDS LOTS of WORK. Currently only seems to allow two commands – “Alexa, turn on Robot” – responds back “Did you mean the Coredy R700”; you respond “YES” and it starts the Robot in AUTO mode. The other command it recognizes is “Alexa, turn off Robot” – responding the same way, “Did you mean the Coredy R700”; you respond “YES” and it puts the Robot in pause mode.There is no documentation online; that I found to help me with using Alexa and the Coredy Robot R700. I couldn’t find any other commands that work – like “Alexa, [send] go home Robot” (not supported on this device) or “Alexa, edge clean Robot” (not supported – puts on shopping list) or “Alexa, spot clean Robot” (get history of Robots) or “Alexa, clean small room Robot” (Same History of money spent on Robots).OBSERVATIONS:(1) The brush is a bit narrower (width), as is the vacuum opening – vs. other brands I own (bObSweep and iRobot) However, has proven to be better at picking up dust/dirt and pulls more into dust bin from the carpet/floor.INCLUDED with this review: A short video with several areas covered – (1) moving from rug to hardwood and back, (2) moving over oriental rug fringe, (3) moving over 1 inch high kitchen carpet, (4) moving to steps edge and avoidance, (5) cleaning around / under low height table, and (6) returning to base unit.Also included are several photos of how the unit arrived, putting it together, the three manuals that accompany it, the dust bin and location on unit, the docking station and how to hide the excess wire, and the unit on and ready to work (showing blue light).—-About the productOnce you open the top of the box, you will see full length cardboard atop of the contents of the box. It has a “QUICK START GUIDE” printed on it; with (5) clear steps and contact information for customer service. (A nice touch).Package contained Three small booklets; owner’s Manual (Cordey R7000), Coredy R700 limited warranty booklet and a Coredy Robot Cleaner App install guide. Also in the package are the the robot cleaner and charging dock, edge brushes to install on cleaner, clean tool for removing hair on brush, remote control with (2) AAA batteries for remote control, (2) magnetic boundary strips, (4) 3M three-strip electronic clean pads and a thin cloth wire tie-up.Note: there are two extra edge brushes and an extra HEPA filter pack for collection bin. (extra main parts)Unlike many other reviewers, the first thing I did was take the five to six minutes to read the Owner’s Manual (31 pages) with lots of graphics and how to (app, Alexa, set modes, etc.)Placed brushes on the bottom of each side of the robot – just snap in place [picture included]. Opened and checked the dust bin and filter compartment [picture included]. Placed wire in docking station [picture included]. Then plugged the docking station into the wall and placed on the hardwood floor, as directed in the manual. Turned on the main switch on the bottom of the Robot cleaner and turned it on using the remote. [picture included]. Then directed it to go home (to charge). It went to the charging dock, mounted, beeped and began flashing orange (charging).Finally, using the remote (close to cleaner), set the time on the remote. Then placed the remote in the holding slot of the docking station.It took about 2 hours to fully charge.The remote is easy to use with a daily timer that can be set and several cleaning modes. If you have loaded the Coredy Robot App on your phone it is easy to setup via the app. [pictures included setting up the app]The actual robot has several modes: (1) AUTO which uses a with back-forth (perhaps zig-zag) then a random pattern and finally does edges. (2) SPOT cleans a localized area, making tight spirals outward for about 3 ft then inward back to where it started. (3) EDGE cleans along the walls and around furniture legs. (4) SINGLE [Small] ROOM clean; works for about 30 minutes and then returns to base.I set the unit on AUTO and let it clean my hardwood floors in living room, kitchen, dining room, AS WELL as the halls to front door & garage door.It took a little over an hour and half for all rooms and then the unit returned to it’s home base to recharge. It found the charing base easily, mounting and started charging immediately.I emptied the dust bin and was surprised with how much dirt, dog hair and lint it picked up. I had cleaned the day before and was surprised it was full. I examined the brush and didn’t find any hair wrapped around it. It was easy to empty the bin and check the HEPA filter – still clean.I used the scheduling button to have the cleaner automatically run at 7:00 am the next morning. I ran and returned to the home base automatically. I did this for two days; working flawlessly. I also directed the Robot to clean the third day, via Alexa and it again worked flawlessly – returning the the charging base upon completion.OVERALL, the Corey R700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner worked great and I am happy with this purchase. The fact that I can use my phone to control it was very nice. The Alexa app could use some more umph (power) to it, to control the Robot with more voice commands (left, right, forward, backward, edge clean, return to base, and so on.)I would highly recommend this unit compared to my other robot cleaner – for the price and its powerful suction ability and cleaning. If you don’t need the functionality of the Wifi (app and Alexa) the Coredy R650 might be a better fit. But the fact that the Coredy R700 cleaned the Oriental Carpet and did not pull the fringe into the Robot (vs the R650 which did), it is well worth the extra cost for the upgraded R700.

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  2. Fabiola DeVries

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I purchased this little guy with tempered expectations. I have heard a mixed bag of reviews from my friends regarding robotic vacuums but decided to take the plunge. Of course I researched robotic vacuums thoroughly and for the price point and reviews, I settled on this guy to handle my especially hairy (two dogs that shed like Chewbacca’s offspring; see pic below) floors. Definitely no settling! It navigates efficiently through my various rooms and floor types. Excellent on the tile floors and very good on the short carpet upstairs. I can let it run every few days and the dust bin is ALWAYS full at the end of the run (sometimes half-way through). Our house is so much cleaner and the air quality definitely seems improved with less dog hair and dirt floating around. Do yourself a big favor and get one!Pros: 1) The price point for an occasional chore is much more palatable than an iRobot; 2) Effectively cleans corners, edges, and a small spot cleaner if you drop a bag of chips, some cereal, etc.; 3) While I used to thoroughly vacuum once every other month, I can run this bad boy every 2 to 3 days for an hour with almost no effort; 4) The dust bin is plenty big enough to house a ton of hair/dirt/junk.Cons: 1) When it returns to charge, it sometimes gets jammed under a particular nightstand in the bedroom; 2) It sometimes dies trying to find its way back to charge and I have to manually grab it; and 3) I don’t have another one to run upstairs at the same time!

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  3. Eric Theodoridis

    This is my second robo-vac purchase. My first one was a Deebot, which I thought was pretty good for the $200 I spent on it (it was a Black Friday Deal last year). Well after a few months of running it every single day, I have a lab retriever in the house so lots of shedding, it started to act up. One of the driving wheels would occasionally get “stuck” and it would stop running, I would have to stop what I was doing and go manually reset it! This got old quick! Also the suction power dramatically reduced for no apparent reason. So for the last few months I’ve been wanting to purchase a new one, but didn’t want another Deebot (I wont go into much more about that since this is about the Coredy).There were a few things in particular that I was looking for in the new vac-bot.1. I liked the dual sweeping side brushes that the Deebot had, the Coredy has this.2. I wanted something that solely vacuumed, not vac/mop which the Deebot did, It allows for a larger dust bin/vac motor.3. I wanted something with more suction power, the Deebot was good but in the words of Tim The Tool man Taylor “MORE POWER!”4. In addition to more power I wanted it to make less noise (hard trade off, but this bot does it!)5. In case there are any issues that can’t be fixed by me, I wanted an actual customer service number that I could call with an actual human being, with actual knowledge about the product to help me, did not get that with Deebot.6. I did NOT want a Roomba! (Too pricey for what it is)So with those few things in mind I started to search Amazon to see what I could find. After about 4 or 5 different products and their reviews I came across the Coredy. It had some of the highest reviews, and it met all 6 of my wants, well the customer service part has yet to been used, so may have to revisit that one!But overall I highly recommend this product.1. The dual sweeping side brushes work great for cleaning a wider area & it comes with an extra set.2. The larger dust bin allows for a larger collection and run time between it being emptied.3. The suction power is fantastic, it has 3 modes; low which is 600Pa, “smart mode”, where it’s suction power is on low and if it runs onto carpet and needs more power it will automatically boost itself up to 1000Pa, and high which is 1600Pa.4. It is significantly quieter than my Deebot was, even on high suction mode Coredy is no louder than a box fan on medium speed. The low speed function is amazingly quiet.5. Again haven’t had any issues yet, but when/if I do I will report back about the customer service.6. It’s NOT a Roomba! My in-laws have one, it has one sweeping brush and a fraction of the suction power and collection capacity of the Coredy. Also they paid over $300 for theirs from Costco, the only benefit they have over mine is that they can take it back whenever, for whatever reason they want, got to love Costco!7. One more added benefit to this unit, is that it has a one year limited warranty against any kind of defects that are not your fault. Which if you using this thing like you should be, you should have any issues. But after my previous bot had the random stuck wheel and loss of suction, I like that added benefit of a manufacture warranty. Which I didn’t know about at the time of purchase, so win on that!In the box you get the vacuum, the charging station, a remote, an extra filter and set of side brushes, & instructions (obviously). Also there is an app you can download that shows you all of the info about the bot; battery life, suction power setting, what mode its in, a find my bot function that locates it when it gets lost, the ability to set cleaning schedules, run time and the accessories lifetime left (the side brushes and filter life).So far it has been worth the money spent, and its about $70 cheaper than the Costco Roomba! If your looking for a great product that gives you awesome results and you don’t want to spend a fortune, look no further than Cordey!

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