Fire HD 6 Tablet, 6″ HD Display

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  • Beautiful 6″ HD display with over a million pixels (252 ppi / 1280 x 800)
  • Amazon Underground, a one-of-a-kind app store experience where over $20,000 in apps, games and even in-app items are actually free – including extra lives, unlocked levels, unlimited add-on packs and…

Last updated on July 17, 2021 5:59 am
Fire HD 6 Tablet, 6″ HD Display
Fire HD 6 Tablet, 6″ HD Display


  • Beautiful 6″ HD display with over a million pixels (252 ppi / 1280 x 800)
  • Amazon Underground, a one-of-a-kind app store experience where over $20,000 in apps, games and even in-app items are actually free – including extra lives, unlocked levels, unlimited add-on packs and more
  • Enjoy more than 38 million movies, TV shows, songs, books, Android apps and games
  • Available in five brilliant color choices
  • Fast quad-core processor up to 1.5 GHz for quick app launches and fluid graphics
  • Rear-facing HD camera and front-facing VGA camera
  • Create personal profiles, link two Amazon accounts to share books, apps and games, and set device usage limits for kids
  • 8 GB or 16 GB storage, with free, unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon content and photos taken with your Fire devices
  • Stay connected with fast web browsing, and email and calendar support including Gmail and Outlook

Price History

Price history for Fire HD 6 Tablet, 6" HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers, Black (Previous Generation - 4th)
Latest updates:
  • $79.99 - July 17, 2021
  • $29.99 - June 17, 2021
Since: June 17, 2021
  • Highest Price: $79.99 - July 17, 2021
  • Lowest Price: $29.99 - June 17, 2021

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3 reviews for Fire HD 6 Tablet, 6″ HD Display

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  1. William Hardin

    If you read my Fire TV review you know that I am tough on Amazon when it comes to their own items. It needs to deliver quality for the price point to earn stars from me. Please take the time to read my entire review and feel free to ask questions. I will do my best to respond to them as I can and update the review to reflect those answers and other things I discover along the way.First my background. I own many Amazon Kindles (b&w, Fire gen2, Fire gen3) as well as Apple Ipad (gen 4), Samsung Note 3 and have an LG G2 smartphone (had a Samsung S4 before that), notebooks, chromebooks, etc. I have also used many other products including the Fire HDX line. I have a solid computer background as well but honestly I am more of a casual user when it comes to tablets like this one.Amazon has changed many things over the life of the Fire product line. Adding and removing features (like cameras–the first generation had one but the second generation removed them but not they are back).They are all useful devices but each one has its own niche so to speak so make sure whatever you get has the features that are important to you.Now to this model. This is like a big smartphone–which is a big difference from past kindles. It is more compact, lighter and yet still very usable. In fact for me, the shrinking of size increases the usefulness. I find that I use my smartphone way more than my tablets–even the smaller Fire HD and Samsung Note tablets so I am expecting this to replace more of that “on the couch” usage which is great since it so much less expensive than most smartphones. That means you can feel less bad about scratches that might occur or the accidental drops. (I am guilty of both.)The screen is very good–certainly not the top of the line but nice even if you factor paying twice the retail for it. It is bright, sharp with the same resolution as pastComparing past Kindle Fires:1st Generation 7 inch–1024 x 600 pixel resolution at 169 ppi2nd Generation 7 inch–1024 x 600 pixel resolution at 169 ppi3rd Generation 7 inch–1280 x 800 resolution at 216 ppi (the first step up in resolution)4th Generation 7 inch–1280 x 800 (216 ppi) (This is the twin to this model and was just released)Whereas this 6 inch model has 1280 x 800 (252 ppi). That makes this display higher or the same resolution than any of the past Kindle Fires with the exception of the more expensive HDX. It makes it sharper with more detail per inch than any of the past Kindle Fires of this smaller size (again except for the HDX). Yet this is the cheapest Fire yet which is quite impressive.Now while Amazon may love my giving this 6 inch fire a 5 star rating, they wouldn’t like this next sentence. There is absolutely no reason to even consider the newly released 7 inch fire. $40 more gets you a less “sharp/detailed” screen, more weight, more bulk (look at the extra space on the sides next to the screen of the new 6 inch and the new 7 inch) and the only improvements is a second speaker and a larger screen.In my opinion you should consider this 6 inch Fire or consider spending twice as much to step up to the Fire HDX with many improvements (Mayday button, higher resolution, faster processor, dual-band, dual antenna (MIMO) Wi-Fi, and longer battery life). The HDX has some issues with a blue halo around the screen so read reviews of that before jumping.So now that I have talked you out of the Fire 7 and covered some of the reasons for considering the Fire 7 HDX, lets talk more about the Fire 6.Performance/Apps–It is quick (but I am never happy enough, lol), responsive and like Apple products–it just works. Now one plus and minus with all Kindles/Fires are that you can not use any app from Google’s app store. That means you have to wait for apps to be brought into Amazon’s app store which seems to be slow at getting new releases and new updates. This is really an issue for Amazon and one that still needs to be fixed. The plus to this is that Amazon keeps some of the junky apps out of the system and once they make it to Amazon’s app store, they are proven safe and generally work better than the “fresh” apps because bugs have been worked out.Amazon’s own apps are very well integrated into this and past Fires. They keep improving them and adding features without adding cost. If you have Prime, you get streaming TV and Movies, free ebooks and now Prime Music. If you have Prime, the added free content you get on the Fire makes it a real standout against everything else.I use my Fire 6 for reading emails, surfing the internet, watching videos (some of the time) and playing some games/apps like IMDB. I have found that it meets or exceeds what I have come to expect from these things in terms of performance and reliability. Are there bugs or glitches? Yes but less than my LG smartphone has and less than my Samsung Tab has.Size–about the size of the new “large” phones is very nice–not too big but not too small. It is more portable feeling than the 7 inch tablets and it is easy to hold. It is fun to be part of the “cool club” without dropping 5-6 times as much or signing a 2 year contract.Quality–Amazon has proven overtime that they can make quality products and this is no exception. At under a hundred dollars there is pretty much nothing else that is this feature packed with this finish quality. I have experienced no quality issues and do not expect anything given Amazon’s solid history.Battery Life–So far so good. I was able to stream video and surf the internet for well over 7 hours without any hiccups. From a device this compact with such a large screen that seems quite impressive.Sound–Decent but Apple products are cleaner sounding to me. Volume is usable in most situations but not necessarily in noisy outside situations.I am sure I have forgotten something so please feel free to ask questions. This is my own opinion and while I don’t know everything, I do my best to deliver honest reviews since reviews help me so much when I shop.If you are in the market for a little tablet and have prime, you have to decide between this Fire 6 or the 7 inch HDX for twice the cost. This 6 inch adds the rear camera and most of the performance while being smaller, lighter at half the price.

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  2. Mike W.

    I’ll preface this by saying that I own an iPad, and was not expecting a $99 tablet to perform at anywhere near that level. I have followed the early reviews closely, and after seeing enough satisfied customers, I figured I’d give the Kindle Fire HD 6 a try. I chose the base 8 GB with special offers and my plan was to use it as a secondary e-reader and a secondary or even tertiary vehicle for internet access. What I’ve found is a powerful little tablet, so far completely free of the bugs and laggy speeds mentioned in the early reviews. In fact, performance has so exceeded expectations that I consider this perhaps the year’s best purchase.First off the look is nice. It’s sleek, (I ordered the black model) and though actually quite a bit heavier than I’d imagined, it’s not heavy enough to be considered a negative. The display is fantastic, and its quality was the first big surprise. The touch screen performs incredibly well, and to this point, I have experienced immediate response. To the point where I have to say touch response so far is indistinguishable from my iPad. Based on early reviews, this was not the case, so I have been quite pleasantly surprised. The Fire is very user friendly and easy to intuit. For those who do not feel confident with navigation of a new device, there is an immediate onscreen tutorial (with an option to skip) to guide you.I first checked out the e-reader function. My books loaded immediately and easily from the cloud and I really like the functionality of the reader. I am a big fan of the Kindle app for the iPad, and am far more accustomed to its functionality, but the Fire performed very well and my only complaint is that when searching the definition of a word, Wikipedia is used (versus google on the Kindle for iPad/Phone apps) which is a step down in quality imo, but certainly a small complaint overall, and in the quick 2 or 3 words I searched the answer was attainable from that page and did not require going over to the Wikipedia page as some have reported.Next, I checked out Silk, the web browser. This aspect of the Fire probably received the most complaints as the early reviews came in. It was reported to lag and to crash frequently, even on amazon’s own site. I expected this to be the case as I tested it, but I found that these problems must already have been addressed (your tablet loads the newest version of the software upon your registration) in subsequent updates as my experience was the ability to browse quickly and flawlessly across a number of varying websites. This was the second surprise for me, as I expected a far lower quality and especially a slower speed. I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve experienced so far.I browsed the app store and found it very functional and easy to maneuver, I set up my gmail within a matter of seconds, and I looked through a variety of sales and offers. At no time have I found slow speeds, poor touch responses, or any lagging.The Kindle Fire HD6 has exceeded my expectations in every way, and I still can’t believe I got it for $99 + tax. This thing is an incredible bargain, and so far its quality of performance holds its own against my iPad, something I absolutely did not expect at this price. I’m sure as I become more familiar with the Fire, the reasons for the price difference between it and the iPad will become more apparent, but when you consider the main reasons for which I purchased the Fire, it holds up marvelously well. Again, this may be the year’s best purchase from a value standpoint. So far,I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Enjoy!UPDATE 1/22/15- Since writing this review back in October, I’ve purchased 3 more for my kids. In perhaps the greatest test of speed and function, namely being easy, fast and fun enough to be preferred by children, these tablets have continued to impress and have proved that they are indeed a game changer in the world of budget tablets. With 3 months of rather heavy use under my belt, I have experienced absolutely no technical difficulties, and I remain a very satisfied customer. I therefore continue to highly recommend this excellent tablet.

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  3. Melissa Stevens

    Okay, I will admit it. I have always been a Kindle skeptic. I would consider myself pretty experienced with tablets, but they have always been on the android platform. I have heard mixed reviews about this particular tablet, but let me tell you, I was beyond impressed. I never thought a little six inch tablet would pack this much punch.This does have a good weight to it, which I like. I opened this up and the setup process took less than 5 minutes. It synced effortlessly to my amazon account and I can now watch movies, look at photos, and read my books with no issues. I have experienced zero lag, even after installing about a dozen apps. The layout is a little different than other tablets, but it was very easy to figure out. Everything loads very fast. I think one of my favorite features is that it imports my photos to the cloud (but has unlimited photo storage for pictures) so I can access all of my photos from all of my devices! It is great to have them all in one place.Obviously, this opens books like a dream. The camera is pretty good for a tablet. My phone has a better camera, but I do not expect very high quality photos from a tablet. This blew my expectations out of the water!I definitely recommend! I received this product for review purposes.

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