iRobot Roomba i3 (3150) Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

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7445020249269, 0885155015945, 0313047032034


7445020249269, 0885155015945, 0313047032034


iRobot Roomba i3

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Last updated on June 23, 2021 1:42 am
iRobot Roomba i3 (3150) Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum
iRobot Roomba i3 (3150) Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum


  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE AND POWERFUL PICK-UP – Pulls in stubborn dirt and messes with a Premium 3-Stage Cleaning System and 10X the Power-Lifting Suction.* Control how you clean with the iRobot HOME app or your voice assistant.
  • SMART NAVIGATION GETS THE JOB DONE – The i3 navigates and maps your home in neat rows using state-of-the-art floor tracking sensors to vacuum hardwood and carpet.
  • GOES WHERE IT’S NEEDED, AVOIDS WHERE IT’S NOT – Reactive Sensor Technology tells the robot where it can and cannot reach, which means less getting stuck on furniture and more knowing where to go. Dirt Detect sensors focus cleaning where it’s needed most.
  • LEARNS YOUR LIFE LISTENS TO YOUR VOICE – Learns your cleaning habits to offer up personalized schedules, while Google Assistant and Alexa allow you to start cleaning with just the sound of your voice.
  • IDEAL FOR HOMES WITH PETS – Unique Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes don’t get tangled with pet hair. Brushes adjust and flex to stay in constant contact with carpets and hard floors. High-Efficiency Filter traps 99% of cat and dog dander allergens.
  • THE DREAM TEAM OF CLEAN – With Imprint Link Technology, the Roomba i3 robot vacuum and Braava jet m6 robot mop team up to vacuum then mop automatically in perfect sequence, giving your floors a comprehensive clean.
  • PICKS UP RIGHT WHERE IT LEFT OFF – Doesn’t skip a beat, or a mess. When its running low on battery it recharges and resumes, ensuring a complete clean.

Price History

Price history for iRobot Roomba i3 3150 Robotic Wi-Fi Connected Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Latest updates:
  • $229.00 - June 23, 2021
  • $289.00 - May 22, 2021
  • $295.00 - April 15, 2021
Since: April 15, 2021
  • Highest Price: $295.00 - April 15, 2021
  • Lowest Price: $229.00 - June 23, 2021

Additional information

Specification: iRobot Roomba i3 (3150) Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

Smart Home Protocol
Type Wi-Fi
Cord Type
Model i3
color Gray

iRobot Roomba i3 (3150) Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum Videos

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for iRobot Roomba i3 (3150) Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Omri Ran

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I’ve own older iteration of the iRobot Roomba and my last one is already 6+ years old so I was excited to test an all new version and check out new features. As it’s mid range it’s not very clear if it’s better to stay with a lower end model or get a higher end one unless this one checks all your needs, hopefully the following will help you decide.* Design *It’s around the same size as my older 780 Roomba but defiantly a lot lighter. The weight balance is not that good and the unit is a lot heavier in front (battery) then the back. There is no handle like on my older Roomba. Maybe iRobot don’t plan on you lifting this thing around… I like the next upper texture finish. The sounds its making are much nicer and modern then the old beeps and the overall built quality feels a bit better. there is still that small bumper up front to detect a wall (which got slightly bigger but not sure it’s better). On the bottom there are the usually 3 wheels, spinning side brush, new airforce cleaning system (the two green silicon brushes stand out) and some extra sensors for navigation.* Vacuum Functionality *charging is pretty quick. Quicker then the older model I own. The charging station looks the same as the old one. there are three buttons. One for clean on/off, go home (charging station) and another for communication setup.Noise Level is around the same, maybe slightly lower then the older model so some people find it too loud but then again you can schedule it to work when you are away from home. Speaking of which, unlike my older model, any advance features can only be access using iRobot app. from the testing I’ve made the vacuuming power and ability is much better then the older model. I must admit I was surprise it was better then the older brush style design. Dust bin is smaller and a bit awkward to place back unlike before when it’s slide in and out you need to first insert it in an angle and then slide it in. It adjusted seemingly for different types of surfaces. A nice feature is that it will pick up from where it left after recharging.* Cleaning It *Other then the silicon brushes that seems to be easier to clean, the rest of the parts are prune to the same issues, which is a shame. Hair will get tangled on the wheels and spinning brush. Dust bin has some funny corners to get it clean properly. You get an extra filter but I wish they implemented a washable filter like in the Dyson products.* App *Lots of features to explore, from scheduling and syncing with other products (like the mop robot) to receive notification on cleaning progress, mapping of the house, voice control link and so on. The user interface is sleek and modern but I guess most of the features will be useless for most people.Overall it’s a nice budget upgrade for older model, unless you have an higher end one which will have more or less the same features. If you don’t need all these connectivity features to another robot or the option of the self emptying station (aka a vacuum for you vacuum…) there are two lower tiers ones that will be cheaper. If you require extra features like specific room cleaning, anti allergen and more look into higher end models.With all the competition iRobot has now, specially in this price range, I don’t think they have done enough with this model.

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  2. Michael Leach

    Charge and resume is where it’s at. Having a large main floor, a robo vac without this feature needs to be minded and monitored in order to clean the whole area, that’s not my idea of convenience. The i3 can charge and resume without fancy LIDAR or cameras. And the baseboards against hardwood and tile look way cleaner than when cleaned with an upright. The overall results are just amazing. I vacuumed with my Dyson upright then ran the i3 and was amazed at the improved look and feel overall of the floors. I think robo tech has finally caught up to the promise for large homes.

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  3. Flojos

    The i3 is my 2nd Roomba. My first experience was with a Roomba 690 which lasted about 16 months before it went in the trash. I HATED the 690 and am hoping to have a better experience with the i3.Take One – My first i3 would not connect to my 2.4 Ghz home network. After about 2 hours of trying and growing more and more frustrated I finally gave in and called Roomba tech support. For about 30 minutes the Roomba rep walked me through all of the troubleshooting steps I already completed but we still got the “Failed to Connect to Network” error message. I packed up the i3, drove to the UPS store and returned it. Amazon had a replacement i3 on my doorstep the next day (Thank you Amazon!)Take Two – The 2nd i3 connected to my home network within minutes. So we have confirmation that the first Roomba delivered was defective. This does not bode well for product durability or assuage my concerns about Roomba quality after my experience with the 690 model.Operation – My house is almost entirely hardwood floor and the i3 cleans vey well. I have 2 big dogs and the i3 does an excellent job picking up their hair. The i3 does not get trapped on my area rug either with the asinine “stuck near a cliff” error like the 690 did more or less everyday. Also, when I send the i3 home via the app it makes a beeline back to home base and doesn’t continue to wander aimlessly around the house like the 690 did.The i3 is significantly quieter than the 690 and doesn’t have that “grating” sound; it operates with more of a “smooth” sound if that makes sense. The tones and chimes on the i3 are much more pleasant as well. The i3 cleans in “straightish” lines but not perfectly straight; it drifts noticably as it crosses the room, but that’s not a deal breaker for me. I did not opt for the self emptying bin base (the i3+ model.) One important thing to note is that the i3 bin is significantly smaller than the 690 bin. If you don’t opt for the self emptying bin base, then expect to empty the bin manually after every cleaning as the i3 bin is very small, relatively speaking (see pic.)My final thought is so far so good, but only time will tell if this was a good purchase. If the i3 is still operating like this in 2-3 years I will upgrade to 4 stars.

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  4. barrand_2362

    I love my Roomba. I allows me to relax while getting my house clean. The suction on this model is perfect.

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  5. patchysdad

    works great for wood floors. Gets stuck under furniture sometimes.

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  6. mla_us_moqkq2h

    I like that it does not have bristles since I have a pet that sheds 24/7 so no entanglements so far. Also, I like that it looks to move in straight lines as much as it can.

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