Peakeep 4 inches Twin Bell Alarm Clock with Stereoscopic Dial

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  • At you can purchase 4 Inches Twin Bell Alarm Clock Series Retro Metal Style Twin Bell Clock Bedroom Decoration for only $12.03, which is 25% less than the cost in Walmart ($15.99).
  • The lowest price of 4" Twin Bell Alarm Clock with Stereoscopic Dial, Backlight, Battery Operated Loud Alarm Clock (Black) was obtained on July 17, 2021 6:26 pm.
Last updated on July 17, 2021 6:26 pm
Peakeep 4 inches Twin Bell Alarm Clock with Stereoscopic Dial
Peakeep 4 inches Twin Bell Alarm Clock with Stereoscopic Dial


  • Peakeep Advantage: Neat dial with stereoscopic numbers instead of printed cardboard found in common market. Plus with the white hour and minute hands with perfect accuracy offer an awesome clearly legible look.
  • Loud alarm clock for people who are heavy sleepers, mild loss hearing even deaf. No snooze button, good wake up clock for people who has trouble waking up.
  • Silent with non-ticking hands, nice for a good working and learning environment, also for a soothing sleep.
  • Vintage twin bell alarm clock, retro style takes you back to 80’s.
  • Button for backlight: hold the light button, time will be clearly visible at night.

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Specification: Peakeep 4 inches Twin Bell Alarm Clock with Stereoscopic Dial

size 4"
color Black
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Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Peakeep 4 inches Twin Bell Alarm Clock with Stereoscopic Dial

4.4 out of 5
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  1. seth

    I’m a heavy sleeper. Not the average “has a hard time getting out of bed” type but the type where I’ve been physically shaken and screamed at and not woken up. I’ve had firetrucks, ambulances, and police cars in my front yard and slept through it. A tree collapsed on my neighbors house and I slept through it. I sleep through my building’s fire alarms. I’ve slept through gun shots in my backyard. Little to say, my phone’s alarm just doesn’t do the trick. I slept through classes for weeks at a time even though I had alarms going off for hours. And boy, can I sleep. I can and do sleep 17 hours a day when I can. Longest I’ve slept at one time was 23 hours and I only woke up because I was dehydrated. I spent more time asleep than I do awake (not by choice, I’m just tired all the time).This alarm scares the hell out of me every morning but it sure does get me awake. Only problem is remembering to set it every night but I’m getting used to it.Just make sure to put it where you have to get out if bed to turn it off so you don’t risk falling back asleep.

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  2. Solumadur

    If this doesn’t wake you up, you should probably see a doctor because something is seriously wrong with you. It’s painfully loud and sends me in a terrified panic, sheets flying, stumbling as quickly as I can to shut the thing off. In fact, I put duct tape on the inside and outside of the bells where the hammer strikes to take the shrill edge off the obnoxious sound and it still freaks me out every morning. Now it’s more like a pleasant fire alarm. I used to keep it down the hall from my bedroom in an attempt to trick myself into more bodily movement before turning it off, hoping that’d make me alert enough to not slink back to my beloved, warm sheets. It worked, and yes, was still loud enough to wake me up, but it was too long an epic journey in the dark with a Nazgul Fellbeast screaming at me, it’s shriek echoing off the tile in a horrific echo chamber (at 5:00 am, this doesn’t feel like exaggeration).The clock itself looks classy in just about any setting (I have the black one).The one real danger this kind of alarm clock poses is that you MUST TURN IT ON EVERY NIGHT OR ELSE IT WON’T WORK. For example, my alarm is set for 5:00. That means that if the switch on the back is set to “on,” it’ll ring any time the clock hits 5:00 without recognizing a difference between am and pm. Thus, you can’t just turn it off in the morning then back on again. You must leave the alarm turned off until 5:00 pm passes, then turn it on and you’re set for the morning. In essence, some people will need set set a phone alarm to remember to set the clock alarm. Kind of silly. However, if you can make a habit out of turning on the alarm as part of your bedtime routine, this clock will be good to you. Well. . . No it won’t–you’ll hate it, but it’ll help you overcome your snoozing habit.See my photos for my silly tape idea that makes the clock more bearable.Hopefully this review is helpful to you.

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  3. buybb

    very loud

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  4. TM

    Every morning i had to set my alarm to wake up my son, who would undoubtedly be sleeping through his alarm. The mornings would be rushed, our mood would turn sour and the start of our days would be spoiled. His phone alarm wasn’t enough, plug in alarms, multiple alarms, and even apps with ‘loud alarms’ specifically for heavy sleepers weren’t enough. Nothing worked. As he became addicted to ‘snooze’ I was reaching my breaking point–so I ordered this little gem and even paid for same day delivery. That’s how bad it was. The volume of the alarm is ‘old school’ awesome with a hammer beating two bells without the option to stop them other than getting up and turning it off. The lack of a snooze button is a godsend and he already asked if we could get a different one. Answer: NEVERRRRR. I have one very awake 12 year old in the morning. While he might give it 1 star, I give it 5. Bravo.

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  5. walt5375

    I needed loud, This is loud. Good clock.

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  6. eargea_2kdc94xvgk

    have hearing problem and this clock alarm is LOUD

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  7. jazzypooh11

    My 6yr old is so nostalgic and loves this older looking clock! She was soooo excited when she opened it!See more

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  8. Vicky

    The light did not stay on. There was no instructions’ The alarm was over a half hour off! It was cheaply made. The only good thing is Walmart gave me my money back through my credit care at the Walmart Store back right away without any problems. I bought another alarm clock at this store and it works beautiful!See more

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  9. cindy

    I like this one. Can’t hear my other one too low.See more

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