Roborock Robot Vacuum and Mop: 2000Pa Strong Suction

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  • At you can purchase Roborock Robot Vacuum and Mop: 2000Pa Strong Suction for only $139.97, which is 68% less than the cost in Geekbuying ($431.99).
  • The lowest price of Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Virtual Wall Automatic Area Cleaning 2000pa Suction 2 in 1 Sweeping Mopping Function LDS Path Planning European Version - Black was obtained on June 5, 2021 9:21 am.
Last updated on June 5, 2021 9:21 am
Roborock Robot Vacuum and Mop: 2000Pa Strong Suction
Roborock Robot Vacuum and Mop: 2000Pa Strong Suction


  • Fast and Logical: Using gyroscopes, OpticEye motion tracking, and a bumper, closely tracks its movements, edges of rooms, and obstacles. It knows where it has been, and can calculate where it needs to go. Because it moves up to 10% faster, it finishes cleaning quicker.
  • Serious suction:Strong suction is great for lifting grime off floors and critical for dragging it out of carpets. That is why suction is 11% stronger maxing out at 2000Pa. Expert airflow engineering, streamlined ducts, and a bell-shaped high static pressure zone keep suction consistently powerful throughout the clean.
  • More than a Vacuum: Make your floors shine and remove fine particles that other vacuums may leave behind with the easily attached mop2. Now 28% larger, the upgraded mopping system uses innovative hydraulics to let you adjust the water flow to meet different cleaning preferences.
  • Everything in an App: Your phones is all you need for control. Start cleaning from anywhere, set schedules, choose cleanup modes, check on cleaning progress in real-time, and more. After a cleanup, review a completed map to make sure robot vacuum has covered your entire home.
  • Handle Larger Homes: Extremely large homes can be cleaned effortlessly using Auto Top-Up. It knows if it hasn’t finished a job so if the battery runs low it will return to the dock for a top-up charge and continue where it left off.

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Price history for Roborock Robot Vacuum and Mop: 2000Pa Strong Suction
Latest updates:
  • $139.97 - June 5, 2021
  • $179.95 - April 15, 2021
Since: April 15, 2021
  • Highest Price: $179.95 - April 15, 2021
  • Lowest Price: $139.97 - June 5, 2021

Additional information

Specification: Roborock Robot Vacuum and Mop: 2000Pa Strong Suction

Manufacturer Part Number
Model e451-01
Type e451-01

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3 reviews for Roborock Robot Vacuum and Mop: 2000Pa Strong Suction

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  1. Nick

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  To start this review let’s get one thing out of the way: The Roborock E35 is a really good robot vacuum but is by no means the best you can get. I would give that designation to the E35’s “big brother” the Roborock S50 However, the E35 is still a really good choice and offers many of the same features, quality, and cleaning efficiency as the S50 but with a few major exceptions.First let’s talk about what the E35 does well. Probably the most important factor for a vacuum of any kind is suction. The E35 has class leading suction in not only the budget robot vacuum category but for all vacuums. The 2000pa motor is the same that can be found on the S50 and preforms equally well. Each run I am astonished at how much dirt and debris the E35 comes back in it’s dust bin. And speaking of dust bin the E35 actually has a very large dust bin which is quite a bit larger than the S50’s. It is very nice to not have to empy the dust bin on the E35 after each runThe second impressive quality of the E35 is battery life. Again like the S50 the E35 comes with the same 5200Mah lithium ion battery which provides long run times and I believe is probably class leading for robot vacuums. My E35 has been able to run for 90 minutes or more on a single charge.Now for the quality that separates the E35 from many of it’s other budget vacuum competitors: Navigation. Unlike many budget robot vacuums that bump and ping pong randomly across the room and never seem to be able to vacuum over every spot, the E35 has an advanced sensor system coupled with a complex algorithm that helps it navigate floor plans in a back and forth motion and is very similar to the system used by robot vacuums like the S50 that utilizes a lidar navigation system. Instead of bumping into a wall and bouning away in an odd angle like “pong” the E35 runs a straight path,finds an edge, then shifts a few inches, and comes right back. It almost reminds me of mowing a yard but instead of the yard it’s carpet! Speaking of which I had read that some vac’s have trouble with brushing carpet but not the E35! It leaves fresh brushed carpet lines and almost make you not want to walk across the floor and mess it all up.The E35 also offers app integration and can be controlled through the app with wifi connectivity. From the app you can schedule cleaning times, check on maintenance, and it will even allow you to view a generated map of your home and past cleanings.So what keeps the E35 from the top of the mountain? Navigation. While as I previously mentioned it does navigate much better than most robot vacuums it still cannot compete with robots that use Lidar navigation systems. Lidar allows robots like S50 to create a much more detailed and accurate map of your home. Then it allows users to set “no go” lines and zones to keep the robot from certain areas. It also allows users to vacuum only certain areas in a zone clean. The E35 simply cannot do that and because of this limitation it opens up the possibilty of it going places that it shouldn’t or getting stuck more often.So what is the bottom line. The E35 is a very good quality made robot vacuum that cleans, navigates, and performs almost as well as the top robotic vacuums. I think it is a very good choice for those on a limited budget or not willing to shell out $500- $1000 for a flagship.. As the title of this review spells out the E35 is a mid tier robot vacuum that bridges the gap between poor quality cheap budget vacuums and flagship robot vacuums. If you want a quality robot that cleans and navigates well the E35 is a solid choice. I’m giving this vacuum a 5 star review because even though it is not the best overall robot vacuum I believe it is the best of the robot vacuums without a lidar navigation system on the market If you can’t afford those vacuums with lidar the E35 is the vacuum for you!Pic 1 and 2: Vacuum and Dock ChargingPic 3: Bin size comparison to Roborock S50Pic 4&5: Mapping comparisonVideo of E35 in operation.

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  2. Blair

    WARNING: This review is LONG! But I wanted to do a good job of conveying information and there really is a lot to learn on these things. I’ve also been using the E35 for about 2 months now, and have gone through everything from research to contacting Customer Service. In order to not make this another dull paper to read, I’ve tried to put some jokes in here and there. So consider yourself warned and buckle up for a good read, or move on to the next paper thin review of ‘It’s shiny out of the box!’, ‘I got shipped the wrong thing…’, or ‘I broke it.’Before buying the E35, I did some pretty ‘thorough’ research on most of the available models of robot cleaners today (less than 24hrs cause, ya know, Prime Day; but so focused!).And what I found is, there are an overwhelming number of features out there for your new cleaning companion cube! It’s an exciting time for robot kind in 2019, and no the E35 doesn’t check all of the boxes, but none of them do. NONE OF THEM DO!!!!! Realize that you’re going to have to make a short list of the features most important to you and you will be making a COMPROMISE in the end. And what may be important to you, may not be what’s important for us. And for us, after spending a ridiculous amount of time weighing the options like only an old woman can picking out what color drapes she should get (taupe or off-taupe), the E35 was the best model for our needs in our price range ($300-$400; ~280 Prime Day).At the time of this review, we’ve now been using the E35 for ~2 months… So lets go through what we were looking for, what we were promised by Roborock with the E35, and how that actually stood up.First up, honorable mention to a fantastic Youtube channel on vacuum reviews, Vacuum Wars. In all of that focused research I did, no other source I came across was (in my opinion) more complete in the features it reviewed or as integral in their conclusions for robot vacuums. I can’t vouch for the uprights they review, but I highly suggest you start there for robots at least.So our situation is:1. Dogs – We have dogs. And they shed, a lot. Ability to pick up hair is a must and, please, please little robot don’t get tangled like Flynn Rider in Tangled.Roborock Promise: Comes with an ‘Anti-Tangle Brush’….. Riiiiiiiight, like I haven’t seen a marketing gimmick before…..2. Medium Pile Carpet AND Hard Flooring – If you’re just starting out, you may not realize how important this is, but oh, it is sooooooo important…Roborock Promise: ‘Carpet Sense’ and ‘2000 Pa of Suction’… Automatic adjustment of suction power based on what the robot ‘senses’. Saves battery life and allows me to whisper sweet nothings to my wife in the kitchen… And can suck, a lot. In a good way… Ok, I’m game, even though I don’t really know what that means.3. Kids – Yes, kids love robots. Until they bite. And the little black robot disk may not be all that threatening and move slow and look so cute that you JUST HAVE TO NAME IT, but you will forget about it and THAT’S when it’ll strike.Roborock Promise: ‘Gentle Bumping’… There are so many non-PC jokes in here, but let’s keep it clean and just say that men are not honest creatures. So is a man telling me this is ‘Gentle’, or is it a woman? Let’s find out!4. Multiple Floor House – If your robot ‘maps’ a floorplan for efficiency (and most do in the price range), nothing quite challenges that like saying ‘but what if the floorplan changes EVERY TIME’.Roborock Promise: Route Planning… Kk, I can deal, I just hope its better than Mapquest. Does anyone still use that service? What about Myspace? Totally dating myself I’m sure…5. Battery Life – I need this thing to vacuum my house, not spend all day charging. And I’m not paying for multiple docks cause I’m cheap like that and that’s a cop out solution.Roborock Promise – 150min of non-stop cleaning… I hope they actually mean real cleaning and not just running around on such a low power that I might as well get out a broom and try sweeping my carpet.Alright, so 1.5 months of use, AAAAAND…..If you can’t tell by the headline of the review, I really like this machine. My wife also LOVES it. She runs it every day on all the three levels of our house (and no it’s not a mansion, just a tri-level, so think 2k sq ft). Yes, it’s not as quite as good as a real vacuum, but it gets incredibly close, cleans under furniture we’d never vacuum under with an upright, and our house actually FEELS cleaner because it’s getting cleaned much, much more often. Oh, and we really can’t put a price on the time we get back in our day or the amount of effort we save for more valuable things (like coming up with sweet nothings).For the most part, the promises that I bought the machine for really do hold (to my total surprise) true:’Anti-Tangle Brush’ – Really does a good job! I mean, you’re still going to get hair somewhere on the brush and eventually your going to want to cut some of that out. But they do give you a nice little tool in the package to do that and for the most part it’s minimal. I think even though the app has told me to clean the brush 3 times now (we’ve got over 4.5k min logged of actual cleaning) I’ve only really had maybe one or two strands to cut out. My Dyson is worse than that.’Carpet Sense’ and ‘2000 Pa of suction’- I have no idea how much 2000 Pa is, but the robot does a pretty good job on both fronts. Can get a little confused when really small rugs are involved, but overall turns on at appropriate times. I can definitely feel that just vacuumed clean on my carpets. And I’ve never had anything stick to the bottom of my feet on my hard floors. Oh, and my rugs on those hard floors feel so good on my feet now that they’re getting cleaned… Not once has it pulled any of them up either. Super impressed, granted we don’t have any with those frilly strands on the ends. Again, your situation might be different!’Gentle Bumping’ – Must’ve been a woman’s gentle. Not quite like a loving caress, but more like a playful nudge. No kids being nipped here, but I have actually seen it run into table legs if they’re thin. The E35 has a ‘Geordi La Forge’ like black visor that must have some sensors as ‘eyes’, and every once in a while the E35 just can’t seem to see those thin objects. Not a huge biggie though since it seems to see us fat Americans just fine.’Route Planning’- Not actually bad. Even though we’ve been moving it from floor to floor, the robot always seems to do a good job of mapping the room and going in an organized ‘line’ pattern every time. I’m sure it would be slightly more efficient if it had the same floor plan to use every time, but I’m very happy with the algorithms this uses.’Battery Life’- Not sure if it really lasts 150min, but I’ve left this this on default settings with the ‘Carpet Sense’ on and it’s managed to do the whole house (~2,000 sq ft) with still 23% remaining. And again, super happy with the way the robot cleans both hard floors and carpets with these settings. 100% happy customer.So in the end, we’re very happy with our purchase and look forward to having a happier, cleaner household. Money well spent.Oh, and one more thing, I did actually need to reach out recently to the Customer Service Team as we started to get a burning smell last week. Super concerning, I know. But the CS rep reached out to us within 24hrs and gave us some things to try and troubleshoot. The instructions sounded ridiculous, cause it was like, turn the machine on it’s side and ‘lightly tap the device’ and ‘put a new filter in’. But give it an honest chance please. Once we took them seriously, it did actually solve our problem. Very impressed considering pretty much everything in this price range is pretty much not going to be made in a country where the CS is expected to be good…Anyway, thanks for sticking with me through my report. Hope you had some laughs along the way and can now frolic away into robot land better equipped to make an informed decision. Till next time!

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  3. CT

    So happy with my purchase and will recommend to anyone and everyone that listens :)We’ve only had this for about a week, so can’t speak to how well it will do long-term, however have no regrets so far.My main warning is of the horrendous instructions that come in the box… They’re so terrible. Provide no real assistance in getting Wi-Fi set up, and nothing about what app to install either (I originally downloaded the roborock app which went nowhere and drove me nuts trying to figure out what we were doing wrong, though after some research online, even though the brand on the machine is Xiaowa, you have to download the Xiaomi app). Once the correct app was installed, the rest was super easy.Features of the app and machine are so handy and helpful, particularly if it gets stuck somewhere, although most of the time it’s not actually stuck so you can just resume cleaning and it’ll find its way out.I was initially concerned about it not cleaning all of our apartment as the first time it was able to map, it missed our kitchen and bedrooms, but it seems to be working fine now and is much more thorough about investigating all areas.The last thing I’d mention (after reading some negative reviews) is that I don’t believe any of the robo vacs are actually intended to fully replace a proper vacuum, at least for carpeted areas, so you will very likely still need to vacuum every now and then regardless of what brand you buy. They’re great with day to day debris and cutting down on how often you need to vacuum, but don’t go into it thinking you’ll never have to vacuum again – the decreased sound of these things comes at the cost of suction power, so you’ll probably still need to “deep clean” with a normal vacuum every now and then.

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